Procedures Offered by a Reading Kid Friendly Dentist

Kid Friendly DentistBeing a kid friendly dentist in Reading, we face a number of unique and challenging dynamics every day. Whether it is dealing with children's innate curiosity or with parents' overprotectiveness, our treatment options can help certain problems later in a child's life. Unfortunately, too many parents avoid taking their children to a kid friendly dentist for a variety of reasons. Parents could be inspired to avoid the dentist due to the sense of invincibility that kids have. Parents could also be struggling with their dental anxiety. Parents will take their children to the pediatrician, however. Recent studies have shown that, among one-year-old children, parents will have visited the pediatrician's office at least once with their child. Using the same demographic, we see a clear pattern of ignoring dental health, with only 1.5 percent of the same children having visited a pediatric or kid friendly dentist. The challenge with this lack of visitation is that there is an increasing number of cases of a pediatric dental disease, also known as childhood tooth decay. For children in the age range between two and five, we see an occurrence rate of around 25 percent; however, when you examine older children, between the ages of 12 and 15, you start to see dramatic increases in the occurrence of cavities and decay. Youth aged 12-15 years have an occurrence rate of 50 percent when it comes to childhood tooth decay.

As a kid friendly dentist, we know that the work we do on your children's teeth today has a cumulative effect. In other words, the more time your children spend on holistic preventative medicine with a kid friendly dentist, the less time they will need to spend with us on solutions that involve emergency medical procedures or restorative dental techniques. In terms of financial viability, it is much better to invest now in preventative measures than to deal with emergencies later. Some studies have even shown that, as a parent, you can save up to $50 in future restorative or emergency dental care by investing $1 in preventative dental care at your kid friendly dentist today. From the kid's perspective as well, having preventative care visits may not be convenient or fun, but they can prevent future discomfort and longer procedures. Following simple rules, like the 2-2-2 rule can make a huge impact in your children never needing anything more than basic preventative care.

Basic preventative care begins by visiting your Reading kid friendly dentist at least two times per year so we can clean, examine, and catch any problems before they begin. At home, you need to enforce the second and third twos of the 2-2-2 rule, which are brushing the teeth at least twice per day and brushing for a minimum of two minutes per brushing. This consistent oral hygiene habit will help to reduce plaque, reduce the occurrence of bacteria, and help your children avoid cavities and decay.


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